ENDLESS is an album designed to be played on a loop, exploring the theme of endlessness and infinity. Available on digital download and limited edition CD with artist's book, the album will be relased in Autumn 2018.

The track in the trailer is Statuesque, released in partnership with our friends at Moron Labs for Net Label Day 2017


"Somewhere between ambient and In Utero" - Raised by Gypsies

An EP comprising six tracks recorded during the sessions for our visual album Field Studies. Intriguing melodies are woven into electronic and acoustic textures created with auto harp, guitar, synthesizer and effects pedals. The download includes an eleven page PDF booklet of artwork.

Sono is available as a digital download or a limited edition of ten cassette tapes with hand printed cover art. Side A is the EP plus bonus track "Wake", and side B contains a live session.

Field Studies, A Visual Album


Field Studies is an audio-visual release of fifteen tracks in three parts. Officially launched at Ventnor Fringe Festival in August 2013 with a live performance, the album is the result of over two years of work by Magnetic Foragers. Noise, music and found sounds are combined with animation and video shot in England, Wales and Germany between 2010 and 2012.

Incorporating themes of identity, memory and communication, Field Studies is a multifarious work which blurs the boundaries between video art, music and sound art.


01. Cross the Desperate Land
02. Far
03. Interlude I: Small
04. Yeah I Said It
05. Interlude II: Machines Take Over

06. Head Full of Wool
07. Interlude III: The Frustration of Heat
08. Four Walls
09. The Blackest
10. Journey to Nowhere

11. Mono Reel
12. Follower
13. Interlude IV: Broken Sleep
14. Questioner
15. Inside


Video Art
Configurations (2010)
Shards Cut Softly (2012)

Accustomed to Failure (Live performance video)

Teaser Trailer
Fragments 1-4